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Cooperation between Europe and China means dealing with two different economic, legal, political, social and cultural contexts. The first step is to understand each other’s logic. The next step is to develop your strategy.

In 2002 Jeanne Boden established ChinaConduct® Ltd, an independent organization specializing in EU-China training and consultancy.

ChinaConduct® works for governments and multinationals. Credentials are available on request.

The registered brand reflects ChinaConduct’s commitment to unique service and outstanding consultancy.

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Extended civilizations and cultural quantum: A new way of looking at cross-cultural management
PUNCT点 (forthcoming 2017)

Democracy versus Meritocracy. How can Europe and China cooperate?
(Free download)

ChinaConduct® Publication, 2016


Golden Rules for Efficiency in Europe 在欧洲有效工作的黄金法则
BCECC Newsletter 比中经贸委员会 2015 (download pdf)

Samenwerken met China vraagt meer strategie en overleg in Europa
De Tijd, 31 March 2014

Zaken doen in China is geen sinecure
BD/ED October 2010

Vijf Koreanen in de KEW of waarom Aziaten ons barbaren noemen 31 May 2010

Geluk en voorspoed’ neemt ‘Volvo’ over 30 April 2010

EU-China Congress at the European Parliament: Can a renewed EU-China dialogue help to solve the global financial crisis? – looking from an intercultural point of view.
BCECC newsletter 2009

Is zakendoen in China zo anders dan hier?
Ondernemers Mechelen, 2009

Is zakendoen in China zo anders dan hier?
Ondernemers Kempen, 2009

Wie is de Chinese toerist?
MICE2 2009