About Jeanne Boden© Xu Bing

Throughout my life, I have divided my time between Europe and Asia. I have a PhD in Oriental languages and cultures and a Management degree, Solvay Brussels School Economics and Management. I established ChinaConduct® in 2001 and  Cultural Quantum® (2016).

The combination of ongoing research and wide practical experience in Asia have made me who I am today. I have managed numerous projects in Asia and trained and coached thousands of people, including C-level managers, professors, diplomats, and governmental top leaders and I have built an extensive knowledge network with scholars, writers, and artists. Throughout my career I have engaged in literature and art, in research and in practice. I have translated contemporary Chinese literature into Dutch. My publications, including many books, range from academic work to poetic and literary texts. As an artist I use oil paint, photography, writing and poetry: jeanneboden.art.

In 2017 I received a working grant from Pascal Decroos Fund for my project on One Belt One Road. My PhD research on contemporary Chinese art was nominated for the CCAA Contemporary Chinese Art Critic Award 2011, an award established by Uli Sigg in 1997. In 2009 I received a working grant from Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism for a project in Xinjiang. The result of that project – the  Xinjiang. De nieuwe grens van China – was nominated by the Association of Research Journalism for the De Loep 2011 award and the VVOJ yearbook.