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International Organizations (selection)

21 November 2013, NATO Head Quarters, Public Diplomacy Division, Brussels: “How to communicate efficiently to Chinese and North East Asian audiences”

3 July 2008, Olympic Committee, Belgian Olympic Committee, BOIC, Brussels: “Preparing for Olympic China”

Governmental (selection)

10 April 2014, European Commission, Brussels: “Working with Chinese interlocutors. Understanding China”

3-4 April 2014, College of Europe, European Union, International conference Mass Communication and EU-China Relations, “Eurocentrism and Sinocentrism in Media reporting on China in the West”

18 November 2013, FPS Ministry of Economy, Brussels: “Efficiently cooperating with China”

17 September 2010, Belgian Embassy in Beijing: “How efficiently do you communicate with China?”

9 August 2009, Nanchang Government, Nanchang, China: “Looking at Europe from China”

Chambers of Commerce and Professional Organizations (selection)

21 April 2016, HKTDC and ING, Hong Kong and China, partners along the Belt and Road, Brussels panel

7 October 2015, De orde van advocaten Antwerpen (Bar of Antwerp), Antwerp: “China today”

15 May 2014, Foreign Trade Association, Brussels: “Efficiently working and communicating with China”

9 October 2013, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg: “Managing the business and cultural environment: a key to successful negotiations”

7 June 2011, Eurochambres, AMS, Antwerp Management School, “Understanding China” Expert Class Series, Antwerp: “A cross-cultural case study: the Wahaha – Danone case”

12 March 2009, Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce, Rotterdam: “How efficiently do you communicate in China?”

21 May 2008 Benelux Chamber of Commerce Beijing: ““Working in China: efficiently and in harmony”

Academic (selection)

24 October 2019, Sinapsis Peru 2019, “Building sustainable cross-cultural networks”

21 June 2019, European Institute for Asian Studies, Brussels: “Contradictions in China’s Domestic and International Communication: The Problem of China’s Global Image”

3 June2019, Interreg, “Understanding (corporate) cultures across borders”

17 February 2016, International School for Protocol and Diplomacy, Brussels: “China’s internal and external communication”

4 April 2014, College of Europe, Brussels: “Eurocentrism and Sinocentrism in media reporting on China in the West”

10 December 2013, KU Leuven, Leuven: “Body and spirit, life and death in Chinese photography”

7 June 2012, UNICA Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe, Compostela, Santander, Brussels: “Confucian Harmony versus Democracy and Debate. Strategies for Successful Europe China Collaboration in Research and Education”

14 October 2010, University of Tilburg, Symposium “Beyond the Chinese Wall”, Tilburg: “Eurocentrism and Sinocentrism in EU-China business cooperation” (Invited talk, panel)

3 December 2009, Madariaga College of Europe Foundation, Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies, AWEX, Confucius Institute of Liege, Center for Ethnic and Migration Studies, Belgian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, “China State of the Art Conference”, Palais de Academies, Brussels: “Eurocentrism and Sinocentrism in doing business with China” (Invited talk and panel)

20 April 2006, SWUFE, South West University of Economics, Chengdu, China: “Europe unveiled”

11 October 2004, Leiden University, Leiden: “Legacies of the Middle Empire”

24 January 2002, Erasmus University, Rotterdam: “Legacies of the Middle Empire”

Art and Cultural Institutions (selection)

20 May 2015, #SinArts, Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam: “What is Chinese in contemporary Chines art?”

12 March 2015, Guanxi Nu, Utrecht: “Artistic freedom in China”

29 March 2012, Vlaams-Nederlands Huis de Buren, Vlaams Architectuur- instituut De Singel, Go West Project, Antwerp: “China’s Moving Cities”

7 November 2010, Antwerp Book Fair, In dialogue with professor Rik Pinxten, Antwerp: “Xinjiang”

5 January 2010, Europalia, European Cartoon Center, Kruishoutem: “Chinese cartoons between tradition and social engagement”

11 November, Europalia, ATAB, Antwerp: “China and Photography”

15 October 2009, Amazone, Europalia, Brussels: “The elusiveness of (Chinese) identity”

30 March 2008, De Brakke Grond, “De Chinese Draak (The Chinese Dragon), De Brakke Zondag over China”, Amsterdam: (panel)

22 January 2008, Timezone 8, 798 Art Zone, Beijing: “Art explosion in the 1980s”

6 November 2006, Film Museum, Brussels: “New Chinese Films in New China”

12 March 2005, Cinema Novo, China Focus, Bruges: “Sense and Censorship in China”

10 November 1999, Walry, Ghent: “Book presentation: Ma Yuan and Su Tong translated into Dutch”