Jeanne Boden, Rolf A. Kluenter, Shanghai Soulmates

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  • In English and Mandarin Chinese


Shanghai Soulmates 上海灵魂知己 is a bilingual (Chinese – English) PUNCT点 Publication in limited edition with photography by Rolf A.Kluenter and text by Jeanne Boden.

The book is based on Rolf A. Kluenter’s Shanghai Soulmates art film with Isaac Julien, Shen Fan, Ding Yi, Yang Fudong, Hans Van Dijk, Alexander Brandt (Fei Pingguo), Lothar Spree, Lu Rongzhi (Victoria Lu), Shen Qilan, Pu Jie, Thomas Fuesser, Shang Lu (Jean Loh), Zhe Chen, Simon Kirby, Xue Song, Chris Gill (Li Yunfei), Yang Qingqing, Zhou Tiehai, Lorenz Helbling. 

Before writing the text for the book Jeanne Boden had interviews with the artists in Shanghai. The statements about art, aesthetics and philosophy presented in the book reflect their real viewpoints.

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