The wall behind China’s open door

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  • In English
  • ISBN: 9789054874645
  • 252 pages
  • Publication date: 03-04-2008


Has China changed radically over the past few decades? For it appears that underneath the surface the country is still deeply rooted in tradition. This book guides you to a profound understanding of China: its culture, society, and business. Intercultural harmony is our goal. Insight is a necessary first step.


“Good cooperation starts with understanding each other. Here you have an invaluable, excellent, comprehensive guide. Instead of reading a hundred books, just read this one.”
Prof. Xinrong Zhang PhD, Director of Analysis Center, Vice Chair, Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University

“This is not simply a Doing Business in China 101 type of practical guide for businessmen, but a concise handbook well integrating business and culture, providing an in-depth insight to anyone with a long-term vision and extensive interests in China?”
Yining Zhao PhD MBA, Strategy Management, Pfizer Inc.

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