Drie lantaarns - Translated by Jeanne Boden

Drie Lantaarns

  • In Dutch
  • ISBN: 9075995059
  • 77 pages
  • Publication date: 1999
  • Publisher: AMERIKA



Author: Su tong

Translation: Jeanne Boden

Su Tong became internationally renowned when Zhang Yimou adapted his novel Hong Fen into the movie Raise the Red Lanterns. Consequently Su Tong became known for his so-called women stories with female protagonists in pre-Communist times set stories. Su Tong was however also one of the major avant-garde writers in China known for his experimental stories. He tells shocking events in a very visual style as if they are everyday occurrences.

In Drie Lantaarns (Three Lanterns) death plays a major role. It is an intelligent and touching story.


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